Update Log

This page lists all new features for each update. For more Information I recommen dyou to also visit our wiki.


27.12.2020 Website (all subpages)

  • Revision of the footer


  • Web design updated ○ Reduction of the message size ○ Better readable font ○ More clearly arranged design ○ Better mobile responsive ○ Preparation for upcoming multiple languages ○ No need to switch from ISOM to ISSprom

Map data

  • Completely revised ○ Less dependent on commercial services ○ Zoom adapted to specific scales ○ New with Github overview
  • Many new additional objects
  • Better overview of individual changes, since right-clicking shows all info about an object.


  • Smaller changes, because map data have changed
  • Statistics created and therefore better performance


  • Completely revised ○ Mapant new also as background map ○ Opacity can be edited ○ Scale design can be changed at any time ○ Better clarity ○ Better performance ○ Better usability and user-friendliness ○ New function so that the object can be drawn several times


  • Login provided with logs
  • Users can now also be banned
  • Settings bugs fixed


  • Conditions created


  • Design improved

Register Better spam protection

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