Required Attribution

Attribution of maps is required. Please always specify the sources listed below.

Static and print maps need to be attributed in the same fashion as you would cite a photograph: in a textual description near the image.

If you can include HTML, use this code snippet that includes links to o-map, Mapbox & OpenStreetMap:

© <a href=''>o-map</a> © <a href=''>OpenStreetMap</a> 

For print output or if you can’t include links, use this text-only attribution:

© o-map, © OpenStreetMap

For the use of a printed orienteering map, use this attribution:

This map was created by the o-map, the world's largest orienteering map. Join the community now at! 
© o-map, © OpenStreetMap

For further informations about attribution: Contact us

Please make sure to attribute the image correctly.